These are the products of Scarpato Pirotecnica®

In the process of production, the quality of every element that makes an artifact is fundamental: a simple cardboard tube is plasticized to withstand rain, snow and moisture. The quality of a plastic or cardboard cap is also checked and the quality of the label identifying the product which must be resistant and firmly attached.

The pyrotechnic part, the active material

The star’s quality is essential. The stars are the visual part of an artifice. Scarpato Pirotecnica® invest in the study, experiment, chemistry, quality of chemicals. The stars emit colorful light and Scarpato Pyrotechnic seek the highest quality, brightness and intensity and color purity.

The company produces these colors: red, orange, tangerine, magenta, fuchsia, pink, yellow, amber, violet, purple, blue, turquoise, violet, green, lemon, water, white, rain, silver, white strobe (flashing), white glitter.

Scarpato Pirotecnica® can give shape and color to your desires, produce the artifice you have thought and drew. The customer is the designer, the creator, Scarpato Pirotecnica® realizes the imagined artifice.

All the pyrotechnic products of the company are CE certified.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. The success of our customers, the applause of the public, is our goal and our gratification.