The fireworks produced by Scarpato Pirotecnica® reach every European and international location through the most prestigious pyrotechnic companies.

Pyrotecnica® Rails designs and produces: fireworks and fireworks for any event. Special fireworks, illuminated fountains, sparkling pinwheels and arabesque , made in italy and personalized to meet the needs of the customer.

The Scarpato Pyrotechnic company plans, devises, and produces: fireworks and pyrotechnic shows for every type of event. Special fireworks, illuminated fountains, scintillating pinwheels and arabesques, home produced and personalized to suit the requirements of the client.

Pyrotechnic is an ancient art constantly able to change and transform. Protagonist of the pyro-musical shows of today is the informatics which provide the fireworks with a new magic, such as laser lighting effects and projected images … accompanied by modern and classic music. Thanks to informatics, pyro-musical shows are staged with laser lighting effects and image projections. All characterized in an italian style which distinguishes Scarpato Pirotecnica® since 1784.