Life is an exciting adventure towards the light.
Paul Claudel

Art, tradition, innovation, quality, experience, professionalism and reliability.
Fireworks for every place: Villa’s, gardens, parks, restaurants.

When you think of the most exciting day of your life, festivity crowning the most beautiful dream, imagine declaring your declaration of love on the infinite backcloth of the firmament. Scarpato Pirotecnica® signs the unforgettable moment with cascades of light, coloured arabesques, pyrotechnic effects and scintillating letters. The pyro-technic magic transforms the wedding feast into an unforgettable spectacle.


Ideation, projection and production, from our factory to your festival!

Our vast production can easily satisfy any type of request:
– special silent fireworks with luminous cascades, pin wheels and sparkling arabesques
– fireworks with music
– letters of your initials enclosed in a heart of sparkling fire
– own products and personalized fittings at your place and convenience
– scheduling of pyrotechnic shows with latest computerized technique

Ask for an estimate we are at your service to create together a show according to your needs and budget.
Artistic Direction: Antonio Scarpato + 39 338 1080239